Voice Communication: A Guide to the Melaphone

The Melaphone is an ingenious device which allows people to effectively communicate when they are divided by glass, perspex or other transfer windows. It is designed in such a way that there is no airflow through the device, which means there is zero transmissions of germs, dust or draughts. This amazing product offers incredible protection when safe communication is essential to the efficient running of a business. We take a look into this device, who designed it, what the benefits of use are and where it can be used.

The History of the Product

This device with first designed by Jim Talbot in the late 1960s. As an entrepreneurial engineer, Talbot set his sights on creating an acoustic system which enabled voice communication in sensitive areas through transfer windows. He came up with the idea of this device. Since then, very little has been done to change the original design, simply because it is just so effective the way it is. However, there has been a few small changes to the materials that it has been made out in order to make it easier to ship.

The Benefits of Using this Device

The primary benefit of using this device, is that it allows two-way voice communication without potentially contaminating one room with dust, dirt or other harmful chemicals. Melaphones have been tested to ISO 14644 1 levels and have actually achieved an ISO class 5 level. Please check out the video on our website to watch this in action. The device is fitted with a polycarbonate guard, which means that it's also very strong and durable. The device is available in two different sizes: small circular and large circular. It's covered with stainless steel mesh, which also gives additional protection to the user.

The Transparent Diaphragm

This device works by allowing speech to be transmitted through a transparent diaphragm. This means that there's no air flow through the telephone, however, the acoustics can still be heard by the other person. This transparent diaphragm is also what gives additional protection against harmful chemicals which may be used in a scientific of pharmaceutical setting. Additional products are available such as cylinders, which are bespoke units that can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Suitable for a Range of Businesses

Melaphones are designed for use by a huge range of businesses. Some of the most common workplaces that these devices are used in include pharmacies, hospitals, reception areas, cash desks and laboratory environments. They can also be used where personnel need a stable and secure device to be able to talk to others through. All parts are made in Great Britain.

Considering its many incredible benefits, it's no surprise that the device has become such a popular item that is used in workplaces all around the world. With its high security, durability and simplicity in design, this device will make a great addition to any workplace. If you're still unsure whether another telephone is good for you, check out the website or contact one of the technical specialists for more information.