The different industries that use Melaphones

Clear communication with extra protection

Melaphones are a means of secure and safe communication. No through air-flow means no transmission of germs, no dust and no draughts, all filtered out by an inbuilt diaphragm. The transparent nature of the diaphragm ensures that there is no disruption of speech and vision. This makes them ideal where safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. Durable and resistant to damage, they provide a high degree of security. They also help create a working environment in which employees feel safe and protected. All of this, plus simplicity of installation, makes them suitable for a wide and diverse range of settings. They are perfect for a clinical environment requiring sterility. In areas involving face-to-face contact with the general public, they can help create a safe and secure environment. In high security settings such as prisons, they ensure that staff are protected from potentially dangerous situations.

Sterile environments

In locations like pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms, an environment that is free of germs and dust is an essential requirement. This can be difficult with staff needing to move about freely to carry out their work and also to communicate with one another. With a built-in transparent diaphragm, these simple yet effective devices are a means of creating surroundings that allow interaction but remain controllable. The diaphragm does not allow air to pass through it. This also means no way through for germs and dust. Sound can, however, pass through the diaphragm easily. It transmits speech and so allows clear verbal communication. Unrestricted visual communication is ensured by the diaphragm being transparent. This mean that the exchange of information essential for a functional but sterile clinical environment can be achieved without compromising on safety.

Working with the general public

In any situation involving direct contact with the general public, clear and effective verbal and visual communication is vital for high quality customer service. Customers need to feel that they are being listened to and understood. Any situation involving contact with the public, however, has the potential to be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Staff may, for example, have to deal with robbery attempts or threatening and antisocial behaviour. With an extra-tough polycarbonate guard, melaphones are highly resistant to damage, both deliberate and accidental. They provide security against assault and snatch and also filter out noxious sprays. They are ideal for secure face-to-face interaction in situations such as shops, reception areas, cash desks or kiosks in fairgrounds and cinemas.

High security

Staff working in high security workplaces particularly need to know that they are safe and protected. In prisons, for example, there are many potential threats to staff. A stainless steel mesh guard cover gives extra protection to the already durable and damage resistant transparent diaphragm. With no electrical connections or external speakers, the diaphragm can withstand direct attacks, meaning that staff can feel safe and secure at work, confident that they are protected.

Providing enhanced safety and protection against germs, dust and draughts without compromising on communication, melaphones are adaptable devices that are appropriate to a wide range of settings. Simple to install and maintain and resistant to damage, they are ideal for anywhere extra protection is needed.