How Melaphones Can Keep You Safe in The Workplace

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a top concern in all client-facing professions, but especially for those who have devoted their life to public service like law enforcement or healthcare. Policemen and hospital staff interact with a large number of people on a daily basis and expose themselves to a number of potential dangers which naturally accompany human contact, no matter whether unintentional or malicious in nature. The risks do not apply only to field officers or practicing medical personnel. Reception and information staff - the first point of contact - also face the same dangers. Melaphone offers an excellent solution for those professionals who wish to maintain accessible and friendly communication to the public without exposure to preventable hazards.

What is a melaphone?

Melaphones consist of a see-through polycarbonate guard, which maintains visual contact and transmits sound with impeccable clarity, and a stainless steel mesh guard cover, which protects and reinforces the diaphragm without impeding visual and audio conductivity. We offer small and large circular designs which can be fitted easily in a large variety of surfaces and settings. The design is simple and durable, and it does not come with any additional frills like power supplies or speakers.

In what settings can it be used?

The device has a variety of applications. In a police station, it puts a virtually impenetrable physical barrier between staff and civilians or criminals, preventing any violent assault or other unintended contact. At the same time, it conducts sounds as well as clear air and does not impede visual information relay in any way. Thus, it is a valuable addition to reception desks as well as interrogation rooms, holding rooms, and other spaces where physical barriers that do not occlude communication are necessary.

The clear cylinder has wide applications in hospitals, too. Apart from its obvious benefits in preventing direct physical contact, it also keeps microscopic particles away, from simple dust to various germs and pathogens. This functionality is invaluable when it comes to contact with contagious patients, and our devices are built into hospital reception desks and quarantine units around the country, keeping doctors, nurses, and patients safe while allowing them to communicate freely and clearly.

In what ways does it improve safety?

Our product is exceptionally sturdy and damage-resistant. The high-grade stainless steel guard will prevent malicious attempts to tamper with the device, while the dust- and germ-repellent polycarbonate component will keep pathogens and other potentially harmful agents out. It is a minimum-maintenance application based on pure physics which does not require any paraphernalia in order to carry out its functions, thus making it a reliable and effective addition to any setting where safety and unimpeded communication are sought.

How long has it been around?

Our device has been around since the 1960s and, thanks to its sturdy, effective, and simple design, it has undergone minimal changes ever since. While some materials have been updated to improve weight and strength over the years, the basic principles which guide us to improved workplace safety remain the same. This is another reason to put your trust in us - a time-tested, competent, and reliable British product for the ages!