Different Melaphones that we Offer

In the late 60’s, the late entrepreneurial engineer Jim Talbot developed the now highly-regarded Melaphone. Since its development, this system has experienced major and minor improvements, with its reviews constantly flooding the market. Over the past years, the materials used in the original acoustic equipment have been changed to make it lighter to ship. So far, our company has expanded and ships products in all parts of the UK and across the world.

The Visual Audio Device

The purpose of this device is to offer sterile communication safely. It does not allow the transmission of dust or germs since there is no free-flowing air through it. When the user needs to speak, there is a transparent diaphragm attached to the system for speech transmission without letting in harmful fumes. It is ideal for areas with high hygiene and security concerns including:

• Sterile Environments- these include pharmacies, laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals among other high germ and dust-sensitive areas. With workers needing to move to and fro in such areas, it can be difficult, and their health can be affected. With our inbuilt transparent diaphragm, controllable, comfortable and safe communication is achieved. It is worth noting that, although air, which is known to let in germs and harmful microscopic particles is prohibited, sound passes through easily.

• General public works- where there is the involvement of direct communication with the public, clear verbal communication is vital, and safety is essential. Such areas include the reception area, cash desk, cinemas and shops. The inbuilt diaphragm allows clear visual and verbal communication in a highly controllable manner. Also, communication, where the public is involved can be potentially unsafe. With our polycarbonate guard, the melaphone you will get will be resistant to any form of damage.

• Security areas- anyone working in a high-security area wants to feel safe. A good example is the prison area where threats are common, especially from inmates. With the mesh guard cover found in our system, there is an extra detail of security provided to withstand direct attacks.

The Mesh Guard

During production, we can fit in a mesh guard. This product is found in between the membrane and the polycarbonate guard. It acts as a guard and prevents sharp micro substances from penetrating the system, thereby protecting the user.

The Cylinder System

This is a bespoke non-electrical system used as a speak-through device, allowing the staff at the reception counter to speak to the targeted group without having to shout. It is designed for unique installations and can be designed to fit in both small and large units. In the unit is a thin membrane that amplifies speech. It has also been devised in a way that prevents dust and other harmful particles from penetrating.

Why Choose our Products?

With its sturdiness and damage-resistant elements, our system is designed to keep you safe. In it is a high-grade quality guard that prevents the tampering and damage of the device. More so, it comes incorporated with a polycarbonate that keeps pathogens and harmful agents away. What’s more, our product is ideal for many settings and has been time-tested in every divide across the globe, the more reason to believe in us.

All our products can be used indoors and outdoors. Whenever our customer’s products get damaged, we are always ready to ship the replacement parts, which are very easy to fit into the device in question. If you are interested in purchasing our quality devices and feel there is a ready market for you, we are prepared for a discussion about terms. We assist customers to understand how they can use our melaphones to suit their requirements. For further particulars, feel free to look at our website or contact us.