Be Clearly Seen, Heard, and Protected with Our Melaphones

Do you work in a clean room environment where you need to communicate with individuals outside of your facility? Or maybe you require an extra level of security in your workplace. The challenge of combining a secure environment with the ability to communicate clearly and safely with others, can seem overwhelming. Melaphone Visual Audio are acoustic system specialists with much industry experience and we supply high-quality melaphones for any industry. Our talk through the glass intercoms will protect your personnel and your clean rooms, because our melaphones are tested to rigorous ISO 14644-1 standards. Why types of melaphones can we offer you?

Mesh Guard System

Do you work in an industry where there is a real risk to your personal safety? In addition to providing first-class melaphones, we supply a mesh guard system for an increased level of security. How does it work? The mesh guard unit is designed to be fitted to existing melaphones, or they can be installed during production. It is positioned between the membrane and the polycarbonate guard. The stainless steel wire network is closely woven to prevent any sharp items from entering through it. This greater level of protection will not only keep your staff members safe and secure, it will also assist them to carry out their job role more confidently and effectively. This versatile product is suitable for small or large circular melaphone systems.

Cylinder System and Circular Units

If you need to speak freely to customers and employees alike, the circular units and cylinder system is perfect for you. Not only does it allow for superb visual contact, the non-electric acoustic design allows you to converse naturally without raising your voice. What about protection against unpleasant contaminants? The inner membrane stops dust, germs, or even draughts from passing through it. This system is excellent for meeting clean room requirements, in addition to providing a comprehensive level of protection. How so? Polycarbonate is known for its outstanding strength and its impact resistant properties. These voice transmission window systems are excellent for many different sectors.

Multiple Industries

There are so many industries and settings that can benefit from our communication window systems. For example, they can be used in hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, local authority offices, gatehouses, banks, security companies, and for so many other businesses. The melaphone units are affordable and easy to install, which adds to its popularity.

Why Come to Us?

We supply premium quality melaphones throughout the UK and around the world. The experience that we have gained helps us to remain front-runners within this industry. These products are manufactured in Britain and can be modified to meet your personal needs. We are more than happy to provide you with any advice that you need, so that you can purchase the most suitable melaphone system to fit your business requirements. We offer free no obligation quotes on our website for you to take advantage of.

Would you like to receive any additional information about our melaphone systems? Please contact us today by filling in our online form – we look forward to hearing from you.