Cleanroom Talk-Throughs

A clean room is a sterile or controlled environment, free from, or with a low level of, dust and other airborne contaminants.

Human beings are typically the largest single source of contamination in a clean room, so workers must follow special procedures on entry and exit. This allows them to keep as clean as possible and stop the spread of bacterial throughout the room in question. They are also asked to wear special apparel to trap human hair, human skin flakes, pollen, mould, etc. We know it might not sound too appealing on the outside, but these protocols all have to be met to ensure that the people inside do not spread harmful aspects of the human body through a clean room communication system or otherwise.

This is especially apparent in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, placing greater emphasis on the importance of cleanrooms. By keeping conditions as clean and hygienic as possible, you can practice the very best standards which makes any visitors or persons inside at ease with the standards you are setting. Furthermore, you will minimalise the risk of spreading disease and viruses as this via surfaces or through the air.

A clean room also presents challenges in communicating with the outside world, but a device known as a melaphone is specifically designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between the interior and exterior of a clean room, without compromising the sterility of the area. Essentially, a melaphone is a method of cleanroom communications that consists of a circular, transparent diaphragm, made of a tough, versatile plastic called polycarbonate and reinforced with a stainless-steel mesh. The transparent diaphragm transmits sound freely and clearly, without the need for a loudspeaker and/or power supply but, because air does not flow through it, it cannot transmit airborne contaminants.

Clear communication into your cleanroom

Diaphragms are available in diameters large and small, which can easily be accommodated in a range of clean room settings. Even in smaller diameters, they offer a high degree of vision, so that workers outside a clean room can see those inside, and vice versa, and work safely.

See our Melaphone products being tested to ISO 14644-1 and achieving ISO Class 5 level (use the next and previous icons to navigate playlist after clicking play).

ISO 14644-1

Now accredited to ISO 14644-1 CLASS 5 Cleanroom standards


See our Melaphone products being tested to ISO 14644-1 and achieving ISO Class 5 level .

Find FAQs

The Melaphone itself demonstrates incredibly high-impact strength. They can also be reinforced through the addition of a stainless steel mesh guard. They provide effective protection and security for your staff.
The unit is designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information. Thanks to its sensitive diaphragm, speech is clear and there’s no need for a loudspeaker or power supply.
The circular diaphragm of the unit is constructed from polycarbonate, which offers security and protection, without impairing the qualities of speech or viewing.
In short, no – the unit is constructed from clear polycarbonate and, as such, vision is not impaired. Even when installed in double glazing, a transparent cylinder is used to maintain visibility.


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