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Here at Melaphone, we have always championed the fact that our product is crucial in dramatically reducing the spread of harmful bacteria, after all, this was the original intention when it came to designing this kind of doctor glass. And with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the globe, hygiene and non-transmission of viruses and pathogens has become extremely critical.

Human beings are typically the largest single source of contamination in a doctor’s surgery, so patients and staff need protection from each other to ensure this harmful bacteria isn’t passed on at all times. This is why Melaphones are such a crucial piece of equipment in this setting, as they offer a way to hold normal level conversation at close range with no risk of transmission, making activity as “normal” as possible.

Unfortunately, a doctors surgery is a place where people with reduced or compromised immunity can pick up viruses from other patients, just due to their proximity from each other, even when social distancing. This is why it is important to consider any solutions you can have to greatly reduce this risk.

Along with a steady flow of patients collecting prescriptions and letters, the exposures to viruses, such as the deadly Coronavirus, is greatly increased for both staff and patients. This means that doctors glass such a Melaphone has been highly in demand for doctors surgeries that are looking to provide extra security for their staff and patients.

Essentially, a Melaphone consists of a circular, transparent diaphragm that is made from a tough, versatile plastic called polycarbonate and is reinforced with a stainless-steel mesh. The transparent diaphragm transmits sound freely and clearly, without the need for a loudspeaker and/or power supply. But, because air doesn’t flow through it, it cannot transmit airborne contaminants.

Clear communication in your surgery

As well protection from viruses and illness, the Melaphone still allows for effective communication between both sides of the structure. This allows for you to still give out and receive important information without the level of communication being reduced. Diaphragms are available in large and small diameters, which can be easily accommodated in a range of clear screens. Even in smaller diameters, they offer a high degree of vision, so that staff behind the desk can see those patients outside, and vice versa, and work safely.

See our Melaphone products being tested to ISO 14644-1 and achieving ISO Class 5 level (use the next and previous icons to navigate playlist after clicking play).

ISO 14644-1

Now accredited to ISO 14644-1 CLASS 5 Cleanroom standards


See our Melaphone products being tested to ISO 14644-1 and achieving ISO Class 5 level .

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The Melaphone itself demonstrates incredibly high-impact strength. They can also be reinforced through the addition of a stainless steel mesh guard. They provide effective protection and security for your staff.
The unit is designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information. Thanks to its sensitive diaphragm, speech is clear and there’s no need for a loudspeaker or power supply.
The circular diaphragm of the unit is constructed from polycarbonate, which offers security and protection, without impairing the qualities of speech or viewing.
In short, no – the unit is constructed from clear polycarbonate and, as such, vision is not impaired. Even when installed in double glazing, a transparent cylinder is used to maintain visibility.


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