Speak through windows for prisons

Melaphones are an excellent option for high-security situations – which is why they are commonly used as visitor windows in prisons. Made from polycarbonate, with a stainless steel wire mesh guard,  they demonstrate high impact-strength and are built to withstand deliberate damage. The visitor is able to communicate clearly the inmate, but their safety is maintained at all times and they are protected against potential physical threat and assault.

All of our visitor windows for prisons are manufactured with care and attention. We have a significant level of experience in this area, here at Melaphone, and we guarantee our customers the best possible product. They are also very easy to install and they meet all relevant ISO standards.

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Find FAQs

The unit is designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information. Thanks to its sensitive diaphragm, speech is clear and there’s no need for a loudspeaker or power supply.
The unit itself demonstrates incredibly high-impact strength. They can also be reinforced using a stainless steel mesh guard and will offer effective protection and security for your staff.
The circular diaphragm of the unit is constructed from polycarbonate, which offers security and protection, without impairing the qualities of speech or viewing.
In short, no – the unit is constructed from clear polycarbonate and, as such, vision is not impaired. Even when installed in double glazing, a transparent cylinder is used to maintain visibility.


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