Sterling Price List from 1 August 2014

Melaphone Speech Units


Ref: 1001Small Circular Units 244mm OD (725g)Fits Hole 229mm£176.00
Ref: 1002Large Circular Units 318mm OD (1300g)Fits Hole 292mm£201.00
Ref: 1020Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Guard CoverFits 244mm unit£49.00
Ref: 1021Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Guard CoverFits 318mm unit£61.00


Replacements & Spare Parts Available


For small circular units


Ref: 1007Diaphragm for 244mm unit (BACK Ring)Fits Hole 229mm£80.00
Ref: 1011Polycarbonate guard 244mmFor small unit£74.00


For large circular units


Ref: 1012Diaphragm for 318mm unit (BACK Ring)Fits Hole 229mm£84.00
Ref: 1006Polycarbonate guard 318mmFor large unit£83.00


Double glazing conversion kit in clear acrylic


To calculate length – measure distance between the 2 faces of the windows


Ref: 1008Basic cost per cylinder for 1001 unit
Per Linear 25mm for 1001 unit
£12 per 25mm
Ref: 1009Basic cost per cylinder for 1002 unit
Per Linear 25mm for 1002 unit
£12 per 25mm


Postage & Packing in U.K.


1 – 3 unitsAll Sizes£18.00
4 – 10 unitsAll Sizes£25.00
11+ unitsAll Sizes£35.00
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