Our Melaphone® Defender screens are designed to be permanent protective screens for staff and clients. Made from clear PETG or acrylic, our screens feature a Melaphone speak thru unit which is ISO certified to prevent 100% of any air transmission through the membrane. Certified to ISO14644-1 Class 5, our screens incorporate this unique product to allow safe and easy communication between either side. Our screens feature steel powder coated brackets, graphics and come with an easily removable CLOSED disc to quickly show that this position is not in use. The screen is easily screwed into the desk with the wood screws provided, and for glass or stone tops, we have our clever converter panel. This allows fixing to glass or stone tops without the need to screw into the top.

Fitted in over 200 surgeries all acrosss the UK, the response we have had after installation has been overwhelmingly happy. Once fitted, surgery reception desks are now safer for patients and staff and will form part of your COVID 19 risk assessment response.

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