Melaphone Speak Thru

Melaphone is specifically designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. There is no thru-air flow, therefore, no transmission of germs, draughts or dust. Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also gives protection against noxious sprays. This gives you the ultimate insurance that both sides of the screen will be protected from any kind of transmission.

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Defender Screen

Immediate virus protection for front-line staff Acrylic wrap-around screen incorporating the Melaphone Amplifying* Speech Unit which is Cleanroom certified against airborne viruses and bacteria. These kinds of intercom system are a must have for any facility in which you want to protect against the spread of any potential viruses.

*Clear resonating membrane prevents all thru-transmission

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Melaphone VisAudio

Melaphone is designed for use in areas where hygiene and security are essential – Clean & Dust Free Rooms, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Reception Areas, Cash Desks, Booking Offices, any position where safe communication is paramount.

We are able to assist customers with advice as to how melaphones may be adapted to suit their individual requirements.

Workhardt AstraZeneca Facility UK

Melaphone is currently in use in the Wockhardt facility producing the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. As featured on the BBC website, Melaphone can be used in highly sterile  areas of clean room facilities.

Tested to ISO14644-1 Class 5 standards, Melaphones are used all over the world where communication and safety are paramount.

Circular Unit

Speak Here Circular Unit

The standard melaphone unit is used throughout the world in a variety of different settings; from ticket offices and and theme parks to some of the most secure and clean environments.


Melaphone cylinder

Cylinders are used when the melaphone is installed in double glazing. Cylinders are completely bespoke units designed specifially for each installation. They can be made to fit either small or large units.

Mesh Guard

Speak Here Circular Unit

The wire mesh guard cover can be fitted to any large or small circular melaphone unit to give additional protection from any external impact which is essential for a Melaphone placed in a secure environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How clear is communication using the unit?

The unit is designed to facilitate the exchange of information. Thanks to its sensitive diaphragm, speech is clear and there’s no need for a loudspeaker or power supply. This means that you can use the melaphone as normal without having to make any adjustments to your speech.

Does the unit affect vision?

In short, no – the unit is constructed from clear polycarbonate and, as such, vision is not impaired. Even when installed in double glazing, a transparent cylinder is used to maintain visibility. By using this kind of material you can clearly see who you are talking to and what is happening on the other side.

How secure are the units?

The unit itself demonstrates incredibly high-impact strength. They can also be reinforced using a stainless steel mesh guard and will offer effective protection and security for your staff giving you the peace of mind you need.

Can germs pass through the Melaphone unit?

Due to the specific design of the unit, there is no thru-air flow. This means that germs, and other harmful contaminants, cannot pass through the unit. This allows you to deal in an environment that is as clean as can be, protecting users on both sides of the screen.

How easy are the units to clean?

The Melaphone is very easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to wear and tear and, if a particular part needs to be replaced, we also offer a comprehensive range of spares.

What type of glass is used with the unit?

The circular diaphragm of the unit is constructed from polycarbonate, which offers security and protection, without impairing the qualities of speech or viewing.

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