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Now more than ever, melaphones are showing their importance in communicating in a safe way. Not only are they a fixture in medical settings such as doctors surgeries and hospitals, but they are also starting to be seen in many over the counter stores, as a precautionary measure and to keep in line with government guidelines.

In case you are still wondering what a melaphone is and why it is so important, we have produced this blog post to give you a deep dive into this extraordinary piece of kit.

What is a melaphone?

The melaphone is a revolutionary visual audio device that enables two-way communication without contaminating the space it is fitted in. It was designed by Jim Talbot, an entrepreneurial engineer in the late 1960’s, who was interested in enabling a speech transfer system that could be utilised in safe environments. A man ahead of his time, you could say!

He designed this with the vision that the melaphone would provide the perfect apparatus for any business or individual that requires safe and sterile communication.

How does the melaphone work?

The design of the melaphone prevents airflow, which is usually where germs or dust particles reside. The lack of airflow enables zero contamination, making it one of the safest communication methods available.

The melaphone is able to work effectively due to the use of a transparent diaphragm, which allows speech to be transmitted through a telephone without the need for airflow. The transparent diaphragm is also used for added protection, as it deters harmful chemicals.

Transparent diaphragm’s usually come in various sizes with Melaphone, one of the UK’s leading specialist in communication equipment, offering both small circular and large circular transparent diaphragms. These can be custom-fit to suit your preferences.

The melaphone is also fitted with a Polycarbonate Guard which has an extremely high level of strength, providing further physical security. This can protect your premises from assault or burglary. The stainless-steel mesh guard cover surrounding the melaphone provides even more protection to the communicator, whilst also providing protection to the melaphone itself.

All components of the melaphone are extremely easy to fit, maintain and use. For further information on implementing the melaphone device, please refer to Melaphone’s step by step instructions guide here.

Where can you use a melaphone?

The melaphone can be used in a variety of locations that require some sort of protection whilst communicating with the general public. The most popular locations for the use of melaphones include hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, clean rooms, cash desks and reception areas.

The melaphone is utilised in hospitals in order to maintain high-quality hygiene standards, which are a huge factor in the everyday running of the hospital.

The use of a speech intercom in reception areas and cash desks are in place in order to avoid security breaches whilst also enhancing efficient communication.

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Where can I buy a melaphone?

If you require a secure and protected window intercom in a sterile environment, you can purchase top quality melaphones from the company where the melaphone originated, Talbot Designs, who own Melaphone. They produce and sell their products in the UK and beyond.

Melaphone are the leading UK suppliers for melaphones and are constantly improving our protection and hygiene standards by conducting regular and thorough tests on their products. We currently hold a hygiene accreditation up to ISO1466401 ISO Level 5, allowing us to implement our audio-visual aids in cleanrooms.

The cost of our products varies according to size and any extra components you choose, including spare parts, replacement parts, double glazing conversion kits, which are detailed fully on our website.

For further information on all things Melaphone-related fill in our contact formemail or call direct on 01539233191.

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