A talk through glass intercom system provided by Melaphone is ideal for various applications and industries. Whether you require a speech window to increase employee security or to assist the privacy of customer communication, Melaphone can help!

Here’s how you can benefit from talk through glass from Melaphone:

Virus Protection

With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, the ease at which the virus can be spread via water/breath droplets has surprised everyone. Melaphone prevents any transmission of germs through the screen due to its resonating clear diaphragm that acts as a physical barrier to all pathogens. The system has been tested to ISO14644-1  and acheived a Class 5 rating.

Clear communication.

For the medical profession, the Melaphone talk through screen intercom system isn’t just for keeping viruses, germs draughts and dust out but for allowing effective verbal communication. The talk through glass enables the ease of conversation, without causing cross-contamination between areas of staff and patients.

Sound quality.

Melaphone’s cylinder system offers excellent sound quality. The talk through glass allows conversations to take place and for both parties to understand each other clearly. So, if you want to avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation, look no further than Melaphone!

Visual representation.

The speech window is also advantageous for the purpose of seeing people, this is not only useful for security purposes but for lip reading too. If people have hearing impediments, it’s essential they can see what you’re saying and you can understand them more effectively.

The double-glazed units are ideal for transferring messages, they look like an ordinary window but they work more efficiently, linking two rooms together via a cylinder system.


Cleanrooms, ticket booths or bank counters, you’ll find a speech window in any of these areas. They are used where there needs to be stringent security, keeping vulnerable people safe.

Where risks are poised, it’s essential you install a talk through glass intercom system, otherwise, you’re compromising the safety of patients, customers and employees. To protect your customers/patients, a speech window from Melaphone is exactly what you need.

Ease of installation.

The process of installation for a Melaphone talk through glass intercom system is straightforward. It’s quick and easy, saving you time, effort and money.

As soon as the cylinder system is installed, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. The talk through glass is perfect for receptions too; it doesn’t compromise the style of the reception but provides greater security.


A cylinder system is easy to handle and keep clean. You needn’t worry about maintaining your visual audio equipment because it can easily be wiped clean and installed to keep dust out.

The fact that the talk through glass intercom system is used 24/7 makes it especially useful for a wide range of industrial uses. If you maintain the quality of the talk through glass cylinder system, it’ll last longer and provide you with excellent value for money!

Make the most of effective communication with Melaphone’s high impact resistant talk through glass! Contact us today on 01359 233 191!

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