Installation of Single Unit into single glazing panel

  1. The Unit is assembled when received.
  2. Remove the countersunk screws.
  3. Seperate the unit CAREFULLY into its components. These are:
    • Front Guard Ring
    • Guard
    • Rear Diaphragm
  4. One person will now take the rear diaphragm ring and hold it over the rear of the hole and another will take the front ring to the front of the hole and, inserting the screws, screw them through into the holes in the diaphragm ring until the unit is clamped securely to the glass.
  5. Now screw in the locknuts.
  6. Units Using Studs Screw dome nuts firmly onto studs. Now treat as long screws, screwing them into the threaded back ring. Now put on locknuts.


Installation into Double Glazing/Walls using a Cylinder (Requires 2 Melaphone Units)

  1. The 2 x Units are supplied assembled when received, along with a cylinder cut to the distance from the inside face of the glass panels
  2. The cylinder is approx 240mm OD
  3. The cylinder must be assembled to the inner face of the double glazing before the glazing is sealed as the hole in the  glass is 229mm and the diameter of the cylinder is 240mm
  4. Once the cylinder is centred internally over the hole, the cylinder can be fixed in to position with silicon or left loose so that the glass panels hold it in place
  5. The lugs must be aligned to the following postions at 2, 10 and 6 o’clock so these line up the holes on the Melaphone. This will ensure that the Melaphone is positioned correctly when screwed in the lugs.
  6. When fitting the Melaphone to double glazing, the Melaphone rear ring with the rubber seal and the diaphrahm attached needs to reversed so that the seal is made against the outside of the glass face.
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